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Welcome to Aim Domain Solutions

Aim Domain Solutions is a Global IT Technology solutions & service provider for individuals, small and medium scale industries. We at Aim Domain Solutions comprise of professionally qualified, dedicated team working on different domain areas to help you provide the Best World class technology solutions & services.
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What we do

Why, What, How - Problem Solving!

Problem Solving – We endeavour, target, provide precise IT solutions to solve IT problems by process of making clear, detailed requirements gathering, understanding and analysis.

Why, What, How - World class technology!

World Class Technologies - We always do suggest & implement solutions to resolve the problems stated using world class technology solutions and support services.

Why, What, How - Domain Solutions!

Domain Solutions – The years of experience, days cracked issues, the expertise gained make us put together develop right product, right solution delivery with-in stipulated time.

Why, What, How - Timely delivery!

Timely delivery – Effective elicitations mechanisms, estimations, proper planning ensures timely delivery of right product, right time making it within budget.

Why, What, How - Cost Effective Solutions!

Cost Effective – It's a challenge getting cost effective solutions, we balance these factors, produce such solutions having careful consideration, ensuring the value it is to deliver.

Why, What, How - Quality Output!

Quality Output – We always beleive that and understand Quality is built-in on the products that develop and Improvements , Lessons we learn makes us further refine the processes.